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Major League Baseball Off Base in Plan to Ban Home Plate Collisions

December 12th, 2013 at 8:07 AM
By Cody Fields

Major League Baseball's rules committee voted to ban home plate collisions with the catcher by no later than 2015, and they're making a huge mistake.


Cued by collisions such as Buster Posey's a few years ago with Scott Cousins that resulted in Posey breaking a bone in his leg and tearing several ankle ligaments, MLB decided it was time to look at player safety, but this will have similar consequences to the NFL cracking down on concussions only to rack up knee injuries.

What baseball's GMs don't understand is that most of the catchers who get hurt in a collision are in poor position. Posey was up the line and set up on his knees when he was hurt; of course he's going to get hurt when Cousins had nowhere else to go.

It also sets up catchers to control the plate at will. They already have the advantage in a sliding play of being protected by extra gear. Now they'll be able to plop down on runners with no fear of being in poor position or the consequence of being run over.

If baseball's brass really wants to protect the catchers, then they can institute a rule saying base runners can't take head shots or something of the sort, but making a high school-esque forced slide rule will be just as stupid as the high school rule.


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