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Brian McCann’s Departure to New York Yankees a Good Thing for Atlanta Braves

November 25th, 2013 at 7:42 AM
By Cody Fields

It's tough to say, but Brian McCann leaving the Atlanta Braves for the New York Yankees is a blessing in disguise.

Yes, our catcher for the last nine years to the tune of seven All-Star selections and four Silver Sluggers will now don pinstripes for the "Evil Empire," but it's hard to understate how much the Bronx Bombers overpaid for Mac.

Five years is likely going to be the new glass ceiling for contracts after teams have been stuck with huge deals for Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez, but McCann is still going to fade before that. The first year of this contract will be his age 30 year, so the Yankees will get a huge boost at first, but he'll likely be relegated to DH duty later on.

Quite frankly, the Braves also just couldn't afford to pay an already declining catcher an average of $17 million over five years. It's true that McCann bounced back in a sense in 2013, but he still wasn't the McCann we had come to know in terms of average or on-base percentage.

Instead, the Braves can now lean on Evan Gattis, who thrived last season while getting consistent playing time at catcher and who handles himself just fine behind the dish.

When Gattis isn't getting yanked around between the bench, left field and sometimes catching, it's truly scary to think of what he can do, particularly in regards to power numbers.

McCann's departure from Atlanta really isn't that bad. It may make us sad, but remember that Chipper Jones' retirement did too, and we saw how Chris Johnson erased that pretty quickly.



Photo credit: SD Dirk / / CC BY

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