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Boston Red Sox David Ortiz First Confirmed Steroid User Since Manny Ramirez to Win World Series MVP

October 31st, 2013 at 8:13 AM
By Cody Fields

David Ortiz had a pretty immaculate performance in the six-game World Series win by the Boston Red Sox, and he joined the elite ranks of World Series MVP, becoming the first confirmed steroid user to win the award since Manny Ramirez in 2004.

Ortiz had an even better performance than Manny's, when he hit .412 with seven knocks and four RBIs in a four-game sweep that was also over the St. Louis Cardinals.

It's true, Ortiz put together an amazing performance with a .688 average, 11 hits, two homers, seven runs scored and eight walks. It's also true that Ortiz tested positive for steroids in the 2003 Mitchell Report.

What's so special about 2003? That was the first year Ortiz played in Boston, and it also happens that his numbers exploded when he started playing with Manny, who was suspended twice for steroids in his career.

It's also true that Ortiz has seen his production rise the last three years, even though he's 37 this season.

Something smells rank in Boston, but the media is too in love with Big Papi for it to matter.



Photo Credit: Libby and Danny Santella via Compfight cc

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2 Responses to “Boston Red Sox David Ortiz First Confirmed Steroid User Since Manny Ramirez to Win World Series MVP”

  1.  Scott says:

    Cody you’re either searching for attention or just an idiot. Yes his name was in the Mitchell report, if you did any research or paid attention when the story broke you would know there were more names in the report than actual positive tests for steroids. No one has ever confirmed he tested positive for steroids, as a matter of fact a league representative stood right next to him at the press conference and stated clearly that it wasn’t definitive he tested positive for steroids (I don’t remember them doing that for anyone else, ever) There were 15-20 players that tested positive for over the counter substances that while perfectly legal were later placed on the banned substances list. Stop trying to tarnish his image to boost your own.

  2.  Jesse O'Rourke says:

    I respect and admire the Braves, but this author should be embarrassed. The title is blatantly false, calling everything else they write into question. At best its an irresponsible, attention-seeking plea. At worst the author flat out lied. Either way they should be ashamed.

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