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Atlanta Braves’ Freddie Freeman Disagrees with Ejection, Could Face Suspension

September 26th, 2013 at 7:56 AM
By Cody Fields

The umpires from Wednesday's fracas between the Milwaukee Brewers and Atlanta Braves must have seen something entirely different than everyone else. They said Freddie Freeman was one of the most aggressive offenders in the Carlos Gomez disaster, thereby warranting his ejection.

"When the group got together, you can see on the video very well, Freeman was overaggressive," crew chief Dana DeMuth said on "Right when he came in, he went boom with an elbow, which we saw, and it caught the third baseman [Aramis] Ramirez. That right there is just like throwing a punch. That is overaggressive. That number one calls for an ejection. What we saw out there was the same as we saw [on video]. There was nobody else that was overly aggressive, other than Gomez, of course."

Freeman, on the other hand, says he was trying to move the pile, and video evidence seems to support his claim that he wasn't trying to throw punches. It really looks more like he gave a couple of his trademark hugs.

"I don't know if they just picked the biggest guy in the pile and kicked him out, or I don't know what was going on," Freeman said. "It was just one of those things that's unfortunate. It's a tough game, and unfortunately I got kicked out in the first inning for doing nothing, so it's a little frustrating."

Not even Fredi Gonzalez is entirely sure why Freeman was tossed.

"I don't know what Freeman did to get ejected," Gonzalez said. "They told me he was throwing punches. I haven't seen the video. Some of the guys who have seen the video say he wasn't throwing any punches. Anyway, it was just a weird start of a game. There were a lot of guys on both sides who were surprised the way that whole thing went down."

Major League Baseball could decide to suspend Freeman, though it wouldn't apply to the playoffs. He could also appeal, meaning he could start the 2014 season suspended.


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