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C.B. Bucknor’s Ejections of Fredi Gonzalez, Alex Wood Just Another Sign Umpires Need Accountability

September 19th, 2013 at 8:43 AM
By Cody Fields

Major League Baseball was further given opportunity to correct the UmpShow after Wednesday night's debacle, in which C.B. Bucknor made yet more bad calls and injected himself into the game, ejecting Fredi Gonzalez and Alex Wood. Even though the Atlanta Braves won the game, Bucknor needs to answer for his consistently inconsistent calls.

With the bases loaded and a full count on Jayson Werth in the fifth inning, Alex Wood drilled his spot on the inside corner, but Bucknor called it a ball to Wood's chagrin. Wood exploded, causing Gonzalez to rush out of the dugout to protect his player and get himself ejected instead.

After Wood was removed after Bryce Harper's sacrifice fly, he took things too far by yelling at Bucknor and getting ejected, but that was all set up by a terrible call that never should have happened.

What makes Bucknor's call worse is that he called a pitch in the exact same location on Dan Uggla later in the game a strike.

And it's this kind of nonsense that gets under players' collective skin and why they consistently vote Bucknor among the worst umpires in baseball.

Bucknor is so bad, in fact, that Toronto Blue Jays fans created a petition to get Bucknor fired.

MLB should wake up and take care of this problem as well as the Angel Hernandez, who made this stupid call just a couple days ago and screwed over the Braves earlier this season. Maybe if there are enough angry fans, the umpires will be held accountable.



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