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Dan Uggla Unhappy with Recent Atlanta Braves Playing Time

September 12th, 2013 at 8:35 AM
By Cody Fields

Dan Uggla sat for the third straight night in favor of Elliot Johnson starting at second base for the Atlanta Braves. He's not exactly happy with Fredi Gonzalez's decision, but there's not exactly a whole lot else that can be done.

Gonzalez met with Uggla on Monday, which in turn led to both him and B.J. Upton not starting for the first three games of the Braves' series with the Miami Marlins.

"It's his ballclub and I respect the decision that he made," Uggla said on "Do I agree with it? Once again, I've reiterated this lots of times: No, actually not. I don't think we're a better ballclub with me on the bench. But he's the manager and I've got to respect his decision."

Uggla was benched for reasonable portions of last September as well.

"I wouldn't say I was more mad last year," Uggla said. "But I probably reacted more mad last year. I'm still affected the same way by it. I'm still just as [upset] by it this year as I was last year. But I've also grown up a little more from the experience of last year and held my emotions probably a little better this year."

But the stats prove that the Braves are actually a better team without Uggla. In 42 plate appearances since returning from the disabled list Aug. 28, he has hit .129 with 10 strikeouts, bringing his season average down to .181. Baseball Reference even has Uggla's wins above replacement at -1.0.

Gonzalez is take a pretty blunt approach to the situation as well.

"I'm taking it like whatever it's going to take to win today's game," Gonzalez said.

So, don't expect a lot of Uggla from here on out. Remember, Gonzalez played David Ross over Brian McCann in last season's Wild Card game because McCann was slumping so hard. Ross hit a homer in that game, just for the record.



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