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Arizona Diamondbacks’ Cody Ross Could Have Avoided Injury with Basic Hustle: Video

August 12th, 2013 at 4:09 PM
By Cody Fields

The Arizona Diamondbacks lost Cody Ross for the season with dislocated hip when tripped and landed awkwardly on first base Monday, but that could have been remedied if he was running hard on the play.

Ross hit a hard grounder to third and wasn't exactly hustling down the line when tripped over an invisible gopher, resulting in a loud pop and Ross' hip moving in a direction it shouldn't have gone (see a more prolonged video here).

It may sound crazy, but it seems the very reason Ross tripped was because he was dogging it down the first base line. If he had been running hard instead, it may have been completely avoided.

Hopefully, the same won't happen the next time Atlanta Braves outfielder Justin Upton or B.J. Upton are practically walking down the line.

Kids, let this be a lesson to you.


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