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Justin Upton is Officially Producing Again for the Atlanta Braves

August 2nd, 2013 at 8:51 AM
By Cody Fields

Justin Upton finally rediscovered his power stroke in Thursday's blowout of the Colorado Rockies at Turner Field. The Atlanta Braves have been wondering when the Upton from April would resurface, and it seems he may have caught fire at just the right time.

Upton belted two homers, a two-run shot in the first inning and a three-run blast in the eighth, to match in August his entire home run output in June and July combined.

It was an important step to build on Upton's July, during which he hit .292 but with only one homer and 11 RBIs. He did, however, hit eight doubles, so it's not like he had no pop at the plate.

Braves fans were ecstatic for Upton's acquisition when he he hit 12 bombs in April, mostly solo shots, but he still entered May with a .299 average.

In May and June, it was an entirely different story for Upton as he put up a measly .218 average.

Upton is now hitting .258, up from the .249 average with which he started his six-game hitting streak. But what's more telling of just how bad he was in compared to his past was his "worst" season last year is that he hit .280 while playing through a hand injury. He hasn't been playing hurt this year. His valleys were exactly that.

But he's turned it on for the last month and even more so last night. The Braves are simply on fire right now, and Upton's right there with them.


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