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Doug Gottlieb Sticks Foot in Mouth Over Atlanta Braves’ Tim Hudson Breaking Ankle

July 25th, 2013 at 8:43 AM
By Cody Fields

Sometimes, people say stupid things in bad situations. Doug Gottlieb of CBS was one of those when he took to Twitter to chastise New York Mets outfielder Eric Young over accidentally breaking the ankle of Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson on Wednesday.

He started by essentially saying Young shouldn't have hustled on a play he very well could have beaten out, seeing that his grounder bounced off Freddie Freeman's chest.


It got worse with Gottlieb when he accused Young of fake hustle.


Yes, Mr. Gottlieb, he did run through first base. That's what you do in baseball. And, if anything, Young was out by no more than a step and a half and probably closer to a single step.

Gottlieb eventually backed off somewhat.


Finally, Gottlieb admitted a superfluity of harshness.


Leave it to a non-baseball guy to not understand that the play that injured Hudson is one of the toughest for pitchers to make. Yes, Hudson had his foot on the wrong part of the bag, but he also was on a dead sprint just to get there because he knew how fast the runner was.

Stick to basketball, please. Let the people who actually know the game talk about it.

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  1.  Rob Patterson says:

    Doug is ****

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