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The Case Against Yasiel Puig’s All-Star Game Candidacy

July 8th, 2013 at 8:31 AM
By Cody Fields

Don't misunderstand. Los Angeles Dodgers' outfielder Yasiel Puig has been spectacular in his first month of Major League Baseball action. The problem is, he hasn't proven himself worthy of the All-Star Game, to be played at Citi Field, particularly over Atlanta Braves' first baseman Freddie Freeman.

Puig truly has been incredible for a month. In the 32 games he's played since being called up, he has a .409 average with eight homers. He also has five stolen bases, but he's been caught stealing three times and has struck out 32 times, including a four-whiff performance Saturday and 11 Ks over his last six games.

There have also been drastic signs of cooling. He entered July with a .436 average, which has started declining now that pitchers are catching up to him.

But let's also keep in mind that the man has only been in the Major Leagues for a month. He didn't make his debut until June 3. He simply doesn't have a track record over the likes of Freeman, who has consistently been a solid player, or even Brian McCann, whose eight-game hitting streak has pushed his average to .304, and he's hit a ridiculous .594 in that stretch.

Also, let's have a look at a great comparison between Puig and former Braves' rookie sensation Jeff Francoeur in his inaugural 2005 season that SB Nation made. The comparison is of their first 23 games in the bigs.

 Yasiel PuigJeff Francoeur

They were practically the same guy, and it's not like Francoeur wasn't a big deal at the time. People were flipping out over him just as much as they are Puig now. What's that? Oh, yeah. He just got released by the Kansas City Royals after barely staying over the Mendoza Line this season.

Bob Nightengale also brings up a good point at USA Today. Hanley Ramirez has a better batting average and one fewer homer in just as many games this season. He's an established veteran who just happened to be on the disabled list most of the year, but you don't hear people going crazy over him like they are Puig.

The fact remains, Puig hasn't played even half of their team's games this season, let alone three months. He had a good month, but so did Dan Uggla in 2011 with his 33-game hit streak.

Puig is not a legitimate All-Star.


Photo credit: kla4067 / Foter / CC BY

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