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Popular Dan Uggla Fan Twitter Account Calls Out Atlanta Braves Fans

July 1st, 2013 at 4:03 PM
By Cody Fields

A parody Dan Uggla Twitter account, going by @FakeDanUggla, is boycotting Twitter, citing disgust with Atlanta Braves' fans. FakeDanUggla has been tweeting  all this season to the tune of over 17,000 tweets, but what FDU has perceived as ingratitude has left too much of a sour taste in his mouth. The first rumblings appeared June 26.

Going on the Twitter DL for a day or two. Y'all be nice while I'm gone.

— Fake Dan Uggla (@FakeDanUggla) June 26, 2013

The account with over 8,600 followers followed that with a strongly worded statement.

I didn't really want to explain my absence just because I feel like it's a rather personal reason for taking (cont) Link here

— Fake Dan Uggla (@FakeDanUggla) June 29, 2013

The usually satirical FDU, who generally makes fun of other teams' fans and posts things such as "rally Marilyn Monroe quotes" and uses the #BARVES hash tag when the Braves screw up, let Braves fans have it.

"It's not just under-performing players like B.J. or Uggla that get the hate, either. I mean, you can kinda understand the things people say about them. They ARE under-performing at an embarrassing level and they desperately need to fix whatever is causing them to do such a thing… it's not just them – the entire team gets shit on. Even some of our best, most reliable players get shit on every single day. Every. Single. Day. Not a day has gone by since that hot start in April that either a certain individual or the team as a whole hasn't received some type of backlash. It's ridiculous."

FakeDanUggla partially blames what can be equated to a college football mentality for a marathon season as well as Braves fans being spoiled during the 90s for their overarching negativity via social media. He says he'll return with his "jokes and puns and obnoxious commentary just as soon as the pessimism dies down.

"So, to reiterate: I'll be back when I can sign in without seeing roster management suggestions from dudes who stock shelves at K-Mart or chicks who handle waffle fries at Chick-fil-A. I am simply boycotting Twitter until the bullshit dies down. However long it takes the majority of Braves fans to grow a pair and support their team without resorting to lugubrious (I always wanted to use that word) tweets about how we're flushing our season down the toilets is how long I'll be gone."

The man does have a point. The Braves, despite being frustratingly streaky and inconsistent this year, still sit a comfortable 6 1/2 games over the Washington Nationals for first place in the National League East. Perhaps Braves' fans should be thankful their team isn't in the basement like the Miami Marlins.

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