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Alex Wood to Get Prescription Oakleys, Speaks on Vision Issues

June 10th, 2013 at 11:30 PM
By Cody Fields

Left-handed reliever Alex Wood is sporting a new look since he joined the Atlanta Braves with the addition of wearing glasses on the mound, but he's had to make a big adjustment.

The 22-year-old rookie has always had trouble seeing signs at night due to astigmatism, so the new glasses just added to his nerves when he wore them the first time in a game on Tuesday.

"When you get glasses, it's a lot different," Wood said on "You see better, but your depth perception is off. I got up [in the bullpen] in the seventh [inning] and when I started throwing, I was throwing it everywhere. So that's probably part of the reason I was nervous when I was out there."

The only run Wood has given up in his 5 2/3 innings came June 3 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. In lower levels of baseball, Wood has been able to get catchers to bring their signs out some, though other teams could pick off the signs.

At the Major League level, however, that wasn't an option. And after Wood crossed up Brian McCann several times in that inning, something had to give.

Enter Dr. David Ross, who examined last Tuesday morning and fitted him with prescription Oakley glasses. Oakley is also sending Wood another pair that is more custom fitted.

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