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Review of Baseball Slots Game Hot Shot

May 28th, 2013 at 10:11 AM
By Sports Media 101

When it comes to the world of slot machines, just about any sort of theme can be found. For instance, sports themes are popularly used in designing a slot machine game. Many people who play slot machines are also sports fans so these machines appeal to them. Take the sport of baseball. It served as the inspiration behind a wildly entertaining slot machine game known as Hot Shot. The name Hot Shot makes reference to a player who is extremely skilled at a particular sport. In this case it is baseball.

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When classifying the slot, Hot Shot, it would be a five reel machine. With the maximum amount of reels featured, Hot Shot also provides for nine different paylines which means even more chances for players to win. The top jackpot with this slot machine game is 2,000 coins. The amount of the coin can vary to be as small as .25. This means with all 9 paylines it is 2.25. The largest coin size is 2.00 which is a total of 18.00 with all nine paylines. Since there are a total of nine paylines, the largest amount of coins that can be wagered on each spin are nine.

The two most important symbols in Hot Shot are the wild and scatter symbols. The scatter symbol is a trophy icon and the wild symbol is a flaming ball. Since doesn’t come with a free spin bonus or separate bonus feature, these are the most sought after aspects of this machine. Scatter symbols cause the original bet to be multiplied by a number that is dependent upon the number of symbols on the reels. Your original bet is multiplied tenfold if three scatter symbols appear. This increases to 50x if four of the scatter symbols appear and then to 100x with five.

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