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Jason Heyward Still Fatigued from Appendectomy

April 30th, 2013 at 11:30 AM
By Cody Fields

Jason Heyward made an appearance in the Atlanta Braves clubhouse on Monday, a week after he had his appendix removed in an emergency procedure in Denver. Though present, Heyward was obviously still fatigued and sore from the procedure.

The operation only took 15 minutes, but Heyward is still unable to do much of anything and is under strict orders to not even lift his dog. But Heyward will take that over the appendix that nearly ruptured after he tried to play through what he thought was a stomach bug until seeing team doctors on April 21.

"I tried to lay on my side, couldn't do it," Heyward said on "I tried to lay on my other side, couldn't do it. If I laid on my back, it was OK. If I moved, it was hurting me for at least 30 minutes, regardless of what was going on. It felt like a lump on my right side. So I knew it was no longer a stomach ache."

Heyward did pick up a bat and watched video of recent at-bats, but that's about all he's been able to do. His goal is to return no later than the Braves' series with the New York Mets from May 24-26.

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