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Jason Heyward Gets Prime Locker in Atlanta Braves Clubhouse

March 31st, 2013 at 11:44 PM
By Cody Fields

Jason Heyward very well may end up as the new face of the Atlanta Braves, and he took a step closer when he was moved into the corner locker in the Turner Field clubhouse previously occupied by Chipper Jones and John Smoltz, reports.

Heyward's new Turner Field abode is at the backend of the clubhouse, close to the weight room and trainer's room.

"I was kind of pushed into here a little bit," Heyward said. "Nobody else really wanted to come into the locker and I was like, 'What the hey, it doesn't matter.' [Greg] Maddux had a locker here. [Tom] Glavine had one. Smoltz had one. Other greats had one. Somebody was going to have to take it. It's a great spot in the clubhouse."

The Braves also put B.J and Justin Upton's lockers next to Heyward, keeping the outfield together.

"That makes it easier," Heyward said. "Having all of the outfielders here, everybody can have a conversation. We're going to end up getting up and talking to each other anyhow about what is going on. So you might as well [make] it easy on us." also reports that the Braves have retired the "cursed" locker, where players would last a season at most. It now houses a community computer.


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