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Atlanta Braves Tweak Road Alternate Uniform

March 30th, 2013 at 7:11 PM
By Cody Fields

Players of MLB 13: The Show may have already noticed the change (or thought it was a graphic oversight), but the Atlanta Braves will have a different pair of pants to wear with their road alternate jerseys, Uni-Watch reports.

As opposed to their regular gray road pants with red and navy trim down the leg and around the belt loops, the new pants have simple navy piping with nothing on the belt loops, perhaps to coordinate with the Braves' cream colored home alternate, which only has navy piping.

The real question in this case is whether the change was actually needed. It seems the move would only make things more complicated and costly, now that the club will have to have two separate pairs of pants on the road.

Braves 101 looks forward to the first time a player takes the field in the wrong pair of pants.


photo credit: Uni-Watch

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