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World Baseball Classic May Have Helped Andrelton Simmons’ Performance

March 29th, 2013 at 8:53 AM
By Cody Fields

Teams freaked out when Hanely Ramirez and David Wright were injured at the World Baseball Classic, but the Atlanta Braves may want to try sending more players after the production Andrelton Simmons has had going into the regular season.

If anything, playing for the Netherlands in the WBC did Simmons a world of good. Simmons hit .333 with two homers in his eight WBC games while he was gone for over three weeks. Since he's returned to the Braves, Simmons has kept swinging a hot bat by going 7-for-24 with two doubles and three home runs in eight games.

He's still not walking a ton (four walks combined between WBC and Grapefruit League play), but his aggressiveness out of the lead-off spot will force opposing pitchers to make good pitchers immediately, as opposed to being able to settle in the game.

Look for Simmons to be nothing short of a quality tablesetter for the Braves come Opening Day.

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