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Atlanta Braves Ditch Indian on Batting Practice Caps

February 11th, 2013 at 11:18 PM
By Cody Fields

That rumble you heard was Atlanta Braves fans collectively saying, "Lame" in their best Eric Cartman impersonation, as the Braves 2013 batting practice caps won't feature the "screaming Indian" after all.

After public outcry by the politically correct police over the use of the "screaming Indian" logo, which really looks more like a laughing Indian, that the Braves haven't used since the early 1990s, the club has opted for a different design featuring their traditional script "A" rendered in red with a white outline.

"I like the selection we made this year," Braves president John Schuerholz told "We had a variety of choices that we looked at, some more thoroughly than others. But at the end, we liked this one. The fact that one person somewhere offered his personal opinion about one of our options, that was important to him."

The Indian head design was leaked about six weeks ago and was one of five proposed designs. The Braves maintain that a final decision hadn't been made at the time of the leak.

Sounds like the Braves caved to the deafening shouts of "racism." We at Braves 101 just wanted a cool hat.

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