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Atlanta Braves President John Schuerholz to Chair Replay Committee

February 10th, 2013 at 8:01 PM
By Cody Fields

Atlanta Braves president and former general manager John Schuerholz has been asked by commissioner Bud Selig to chair a committee on replay expansion, Schuerholz revealed in an interview Sunday.

Baseball fans may not even have any answers on whether replay will be expanded in the coming year though, as the committee is in its infancy stages.

"We've had a remarkable number of really interesting conversations about how much more we can utilize instant replay," Schuerholz said. "It's still in the formative stages and we have explained to the Commissioner that we prefer to have the whole cloth completed before we present it to him, and say this is what we believe the new instant replay program should be."

Schuerholz wouldn't hint at whether replay would expand beyond its current system of fair-or-foul homerun calls, spectator interference and whether a ball left the playing field. He also said it was in the committee's interests to protect the integrity of the game.

"By the end of the day we'll have the best of the advanced instant replay technology at our fingertips," Schuerholz said. "We'll understand the logistics of how replay should best be utilized, whether it is by a challenge system or something that is initiated without a challenge system. We haven't decided on that. We need to determine how we can utilize this technology and at the same time, honor and protect the flow and the rhythm of our great game of baseball without having artificial stoppages at too high of consistency."

So, basically, no one knows much of anything, but it seems that some expanded replay is on its way.

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