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Controversial “Screaming Indian” Logo to Be Used on New Atlanta Braves Batting Practice Caps

December 28th, 2012 at 9:05 AM
By Cody Fields

Every few years, Major League Baseball pushes new batting practice cap designs down the retail shoot to push merchandise sales. The new 2013 designs have the Atlanta Braves getting gobs of attention for their controversial "screaming Indian" logo's comeback.

The image of the new BP cap first appeared at Uni Watch, a blog by ESPN's Paul Lukas, who deplored its use as racist. Lukas was pleased that the logo wasn't used when the Braves debuted their retro alternate jersey last season, but took to the offensive on its resurfacing.

"Unfortunately, it turns out that the logo hasn't been permanently mothballed," Lukas said. "Disappointing."

The logo was created for the 1957 season when the Braves were still in Milwaukee and was featured on their jerseys from 1966-71. According to, the screaming Indian was the Braves' primary logo through the 1989 season, when they shifted to the more familiar script underlined by a tomahawk.

Braves 101 must respectfully disagree with Lukas' take that Native American imagery should be removed from sports teams. We think the design is pretty sweet and harkens back to an era when political correctness wasn't the social law of the land (We still haven't heard talk of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish being encouraged to change their mascot.

There has been no mention of whether Chief Noc-A-Homa will make a comeback in 2013.

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