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Dan Uggla Out of Atlanta Braves Lineup with Swollen Hand

October 1st, 2012 at 8:02 PM
By Cody Fields

When the Atlanta Braves took the field against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Monday night at PNC Park, they did so minus Dan Uggla. Uggla has a swollen hand, but it's not like it was hangnail quality.

Uggla's original injury stems from a laceration he sustained on his hand during last Tuesday's celebration when the Braves clinched a playoff spot. He reached in a cooler for a beer, but came out with a cut on his hand instead. Uggla's hand swelled even more before Monday's game, prompting Fredi Gonzalez to leave him out of the lineup.

"He never even grabbed a bat, he just played catch," Gonzalez told "[Braves trainer Jeff Porter] said, 'Let's be proactive with this and not make it something worse than it was.'"

Gonzalez also said Uggla isn't even available to pinch-hit Monday.

Despite getting three staples in the wound, Uggla played in the last five games and went 5-for-16 with a double since the injury.

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