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Chipper Jones Blasts Radio Hosts Over Celebration Criticism

September 26th, 2012 at 8:16 PM
By Cody Fields

A note to Atlanta area sports radio hosts: Chipper Jones does not like it when you rip on the Atlanta Braves. Jones vented to reporters before Wednesday's game with the Miami Marlins about a local sports talk show criticizing the Braves' champagne and beer celebration after clinching a playoff berth on Tuesday.

After referring to the show's hosts as "morons," Chipper went on a bit of a repressed tirade while defending his younger teammates, most of whom have never been to the postseason.

“If our season ends on October 5, we got to celebrate and that’s something these guys haven’t gotten to do,” Chipper said. “Why take it away from us? Every time we advance, you know what? We’re going to celebrate whether you like it or not, whether it’s apropos or not, we’ve earned it. And quite frankly we can afford to pop a top on some champagne bottles and some beer cans if we want to.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Jones just wants some consistency in the criticism. During the streak of 14 consecutive division titles, Bobby Cox's teams were ribbed for not celebrating enough. But now with a young team that loves its pranks, dugout dances and handshakes, it's apparently overboard.


“We finally let our hair down and we still get bad-mouthed, so what’s it going to be?” Jones said. “Make up your mind.”

Assuming the Braves don't catch the Washington Nationals in the NL East, they are currently in position to host the Wild Card play-in game on Oct. 5.

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