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Atlanta Braves Expect Brian McCann to Return to Lineup Soon

September 16th, 2012 at 9:55 PM
By Cody Fields

Brian McCann will remain limited to pinch-hitting duties for the Atlanta Braves as he rests his tweaky right knee, reports.

McCann said his knee, officially diagnosed as tendonitis on the inside part of his right knee, felt better before Sunday's game with the Washington Nationals but that playing defense would still be a problem. The main area of pain is where the hamstring tendons attach to the knee.

"It's still hard to move laterally," McCann said. "It'd be hard to block a ball and it'd be hard to move behind the plate."

After initially feeling some discomfort in his knee last week in Milwaukee, McCann had to leave after just two innings during Saturday's win over the Nats. He told Dave O'Brien he felt it again when he started warming up Tommy Hanson.

"It never loosened up," McCann said.

McCann will instead be used as a bat off the bench, should the Braves need him. With the expanded roster, David Ross is starting in place of McCann with J.C. Boscan sitting in the third string.

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