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Brian McCann’s Performance May Be Hurting Next Contract

August 29th, 2012 at 10:05 AM
By Cody Fields

Brian McCann has obviously had a down year with the Atlanta Braves, and Ken Rosenthal thinks it may cost him financially.

The Braves hold a $12 million club option on McCann for 2013, and he will be a free agent afterward. The sticky spot is obviously that McCann is hitting a career worst .234 while hitting .194 with exactly no extra-base hits this month.

The problem, of course, is McCann's much publicized shoulder injury, which he claims to be a cyst on a frayed labrum in his right shoulder. The injury apparently only hurts when he swings and is at full extension.

“It’s been tough,” McCann. “but I still feel like I can be productive.”

Rosenthal reports that McCann is likely head for offseason surgery and that the rehab time would be four to six weeks. He also says that the offseason would be the best time for the Braves and McCann to negotiate a contract would be the offseason, potentially saving the Braves millions in payroll to allow them to make another move.

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