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Chipper Jones Gets Hotel TV Fixed via Twitter

August 10th, 2012 at 8:54 AM
By Cody Fields

The mere fact that Chipper Jones got a Twitter account got him enough attention, and that has carried over to make him the focus every time he sends out a tweet. That attention Thursday night helped him get some repairs to his hotel room when the Atlanta Braves were attempting to enjoy a day off in New York City before starting a series with the New York Mets on Friday.

Chipper made it obvious from his @RealCJ10 account that he was unhappy with the team's hotel.

"If anyone was thinkin about stayin at the Grand Hyatt in NY,dont!" Jones tweeted. "My AC is set on 65 and its north of 80 in here. Like a freaken sauna!"

The next tweet is what got the hotel's staff on their toes.

"The movie channels dont work and the beds make my back spasm up!" he tweeted again. "Am i complaining too much? Im sorry, gotta vent to someone. Love yall!!!"

About 45 minutes later, the problem was apparently solved.

"Ahh the power of social media," Jones finally tweeted. "TV guy just showed up at my door. Didnt even have to call the front desk. See what happens when u vent a tad?"

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