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Brian McCann Corrects Swing, Starts Raking

June 16th, 2012 at 7:33 PM
By Cody Fields

It took 10 months, but Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann has finally corrected a mistake in his swing that was killing his production. McCann told that the mistake was the result of coming back too soon from his oblique injury last season.

McCann came back from the 15-day disabled list on Aug. 14, far too soon from a strained oblique, he began compensating for it with his swing. In 84 games since returning through Monday, McCann hit .211 with 13 homers in 84 games. Compare that to a .286 career average in seven seasons.

“When I came back from that oblique I guess I was guarding everything,” McCann told “Because I’m going back and looking at all my film [of his swings] now, and I just wasn’t getting extended.”

After going 7-for-44 through his last 13 games through Monday, McCann's hours of watching video of his swing paid off. He has gone 6-for-14 with three homers and two homers in his last three games.

“I felt good enough to be getting hits, but not like how I feel now,” McCann said.

McCann's mechanical flaw lasted not only through the last two and a half months of last season, but through the winter and Spring Training. He, the Braves coaching staff as well as his brother and father – both hitting instructors – knew something just wasn't right with his stroke.

“When you take batting practice and you’re not hitting home runs whenever you want, that’s kind of a tell-tale sign,” McCann said.

However, McCann seems to be back on the track of his 45 games before going on the DL, during which he hit .339 with 14 homers and 30 RBIs.

“I wasn’t backing balls up; every hit I got was a single,” McCann said. “I got myself into some bad mechanical problems that I didn’t know. Got ‘em corrected and been feeling good since.”

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