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Freddie Freeman to Stick with Oakley Goggles for Now

June 4th, 2012 at 10:05 AM
By Zach Powell

It seems as if Freddie Freeman has finally round some relief to his eye-issues in the form of Oakley goggles.

Freeman was diagnosed with corneal abrasions after playing in rough conditions during the May 4th-6th series in Colorado and has seen his prescription drop considerably since. After complaining of dry sockets and a burning sensation while wearing his contacts, the Braves had to move quick to try and find a solution, especially with the team in the midst of an eight-game losing skid. The solution? Finding a set of goggles that would work for the Atlanta Braves' young first-baseman.

The team put together a set of athletic glasses that were quickly ruled out due to problems with Freeman seeing out of his peripheral vision, which was a key component because of Freeman's relatively closed batting stance.

The Braves then turned to two companies renowned for their specialty glasses: Under Armor and Oakley. Freeman is currently a representative of Under Armor, so he was contractually obligated to give them the first crack at engineering a pair that would fit his needs. However, Under Armor agreed to allow Oakley to submit a prototype as well.

After receiving the goggles from both companies, Freeman announced on Sunday that he would be sticking with the Oakley goggles. The difference between the two? The Under Armor goggles had frames that extended down along the sides where the lenses wrapped around, but the edges of the Oakley's were bare, which he preferred. Freeman also said that Under Armor wasn't finished working on their design and were going to try and make another pair, similar in style, to the Oakley's.

Either way, Braves fans are beside themselves at seeing Freeman back in the everyday lineup.

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