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Chipper Jones Has Minor Procedure to Drain Fluid in Leg, Freddie Freeman Still Battling Eye Issues

May 27th, 2012 at 10:57 PM
By Cody Fields

Chipper Jones has been gimpy since bruising his left calf over a week ago, causing the Atlanta Braves place him on the disabled list. Jones is feeling a bit better now, however, since doctors drained some of the fluid in his leg in a minor surgical procedure on Saturday.

"The doc said if I didn't go ahead and get it taken out, then it would have been Labor Day before [the blood] would have gotten out of there," Jones said. "I would have been able to play before then. But if I would have fouled a ball off that same spot, it was going to be bad."

Jones believes he will be either ready to play or nearly ready when he is eligible to come off the disabled list on June 8.

"I feel so much better now than I did [before Saturday]," Jones said. "It was throbbing. It let me know with everything that I did. Now, we've relieved a lot of the pressure down there. I can't feel my heartbeat down there anymore."

Meanwhile, Freddie Freeman is missing his second straight game and fourth game in two weeks as he seeks a solution to his dry eyes and blurry vision.

Freeman has reported seeing two baseballs at times due to his issues, and he is currently waiting on new glasses from Under Armour and Oakley.

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