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Freddie Freeman Out up to Two Weeks with Hurt Knee

February 29th, 2012 at 12:23 AM
By Cody Fields

The Atlanta Braves may have a healthy Jair Jurjens, but they cannot seem to get away from weird injuries this Spring Training. After Tommy Hanson's run-in with his steering wheel last week, Freddie Freeman has injured his knee during Tuesday's workout while working on pick-off plays.

Freeman's kneecap decided to to relocate itself momentarily while he was attempting to dig a ball out of the dirt. He immediately limped off the field and was having trouble walking at a photo shoot later Tuesday afternoon. The club would later diagnose Freeman with a subplexed right patella

"I was just doing pick drills and the knee gave out," Freeman said. "The kneecap went this way and I came back in. When I did this when I was playing in Triple-A, it took me two weeks. So that is what we are going on."

Freeman sustained the same thing in 2010 with Gwinnett and has not had any problems with it since then.

"When I did it in 2010, I thought I could come back after a week," Freeman said. "But they're obviously going to be cautious with me."

Two weeks off would still give Freeman two weeks of Spring Training in which to play, but it would also allow Eric Hinske and Ernesto Mejia additional reps at first base.

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