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Freddie Freeman Feels Better About Injured Knee

February 29th, 2012 at 9:16 PM
By Cody Fields

Freddie Freeman may have scared Atlanta Braves fans Tuesday when he injured his right knee, but he was hobbling around the clubhouse unaided Wednesday.

Freeman said he felt his kneecap momentarily pop out of place digging a throw in the dirt on Tuesday. He was then diagnosed with a subplexed right patella, the same thing that caused him to miss time with Triple-A Gwinnett in 2010. Then, the Braves kept him out a solid week and kept him in the DH spot for an additional five games.

Freeman also had to use crutches for the first three days the first time he hurt his knee, but he was walking unaided Wednesday, albeit with a limp.

"It's a little bit better today," Freeman said. "Everything is structurally sound in there."

Freeman also joined Jair Jurrjens as the latest Braves to wear knee braces.

"I've got a brace now that I'll probably have to wear for the rest of my career," Freeman said. "This is twice in a year and a half, and I can't have this happen again. I'm just thankful this happened in the first few days and not going into the last week of Spring Training."


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