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Brian McCann not Concerned with Contract Status

February 15th, 2012 at 9:29 PM
By Cody Fields

The Atlanta Braves have Brian McCann under contract through the rest of this year with a team option for 2013, but McCann is not concerning himself with what lies beyond, Dave O'Brien tweeted today.

With the production McCann has provided since his debut in 2005, one figures the Braves will exercise their option on McCann in 2013, but when asked about the possibility of negotiating a contract extension, McCann was not about to exhibit anxiety.

“I’m just going to play baseball," McCann said. "That’s all I care about. Anything else, I’m not too worried about.”

If anything, the Braves should at least receive an award for providing the world of sports news with a routinely drama free clubhouse.

McCann stands to make $11.5 million this year, and would make $12 million next year in his option, unless the Braves buy him out for $500,000.

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