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Atlanta Braves Claim Trademark Infringement on Upcoming Disney Movie Entitled ‘Brave’

December 21st, 2011 at 11:14 PM
By Jonathan McCullough

The Atlanta Braves organization is objecting to the title of an upcoming movie from Pixar Animation Studios, claiming the film infringes on the "Braves" trademark.

The movie, entitled Brave, is set to be released in the summer of 2012 and was originally The Bow and the Bear. The Braves filed a series of objections and are now in private negotiations with Disney on a potential settlement. The Braves believe that the title infringes on the trademark due to the frequency with which fans, players, and the media refer to a player as a singular Brave.

This is the very definition of a pointless legal battle. Evidently, the Atlanta Braves organization doesn't realize that the word brave is an adjective used every day in conversation. The movie does not involve baseball at all, but rather, is about the exploits of Princess Merida. However, for some reason, the Braves organization deems it more important to pursue this absurd trademark infringement avenue rather than assembling a roster that doesn't choke away a huge Wild Card lead.

If the movie were about the Braves or even remotely related to baseball, this legal scuffle wouldn't seem quite so ridiculous. When a movie about Princess Merida is opposed by a baseball team, it's simply laughable. However, when the title of the aforementioned movie is the singular form of the team name and is a commonly used adjective, these legal objections border on madness.


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