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Peter Moylan Has Twitter Dust-up with Nickelback

December 4th, 2011 at 5:06 PM
By Cody Fields

Atlanta Braves reliever Peter Moylan was on both ends of digital insults on Twitter after apparently not enjoying rock band Nickelback's halftime performance on Thanksgiving.

The Canadian quartet played during the Detroit Lions' loss to the Green Bay Packers, and their scheduling had already been met by some outcry. Moylan tweeted the following after witnessing their performance:

"Note to Nickelback please attend a Foo Fighters concert. That's how's it should be done chad."

To which Nickelback responded:


"@PeterMoylan Foos are killer for sure. We're doing just fine too thanks. ? for you Pete, is watching Kimbrel better from the bench or on TV?"
Moylan, who is recovering from surgery on a torn labrum and rotator cuff and sat out most of 2011 with a back injury was forced to watch from afar as Craig Kimbrel secured the National League Rookie of the Year award. He would later tweet:
"@Nickelback nothing like lighting a fire in the twitter world! Where would we be without shit talking?"
Knowing they had been bested (and possibly that they do not make the best music in the world), Nickelback issued a stale, ready made statement:
"There is no beef w/ @PeterMoylan. We both took shots. We didn't take it seriously. To each their own. No harm meant, all the best to him."
It sounds, quite possibly, that Nickelback's management decided a quick public relations move was in order after potentially alienating the Braves faithful. While that may have been the proper move, the best move would have probably been for the band to not respond at all to Moylan's text.
Instead, it gave the social networking world a chance to laugh at people being silly, therefore giving some of us our digital gossip entertainment for the week.


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