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Atlanta Braves Send Apology Letter to Fans for September Collapse

October 7th, 2011 at 8:33 AM
By Cody Fields

There is no use hiding the fact that the Atlanta Braves went 9-18 in September and blew a historic 8 1/2-game lead in three weeks. In fact, some Braves fans have been less bitter and more furious over the team's performance over the last month of the regular season.

So, in an attempt to ease fans' frustration, president John Schuerholz sent an apology letter to a fan named Steve, who shared the letter with The text of said letter is below.


(Braves logo here on letterhead)
755 Hank Aaron Dr SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30315

October 6, 2011

Dear Steve,

On behalf of the entire Braves organization, I would like to thank you for all of the great support you showed us this season. Your continued involvement in this team plays a pivotal role in our ability and drive to succeed. While there were many exciting moments during our 2011 season, unfortunately, we fell short of our ultimate goal. Together, we share in the disappointment and frustration of how and when this season ended.

For a majority of the season we owned one of the four best records in baseball. We had five members of our team representing the Braves at the All-Star Game, and we had the two best rookies in the league on our team – either Kimbrel or Freeman will surely win the Rookie of the Year Award. We witnessed an historic hitting streak by Dan Uggla and his incredible defense all year. Throughout the season, we began to see the remarkable depth of talent in our young players.

However, our performance in the month of September was unacceptable to all in the organization, and we will evaluate and analyze our missteps to do all we can to prevent this from happening again. Our General Manager, Frank Wren, and his staff have already begun to evaluate our team and will be focusing throughout the off-season on building upon the strengths of this team and repairing our weaknesses to achieve our goal.

Like you, I am very proud of the history and achievements of your Atlanta Braves organization. However proud we are of that legacy, I would like to reiterate to you that our focus is on the future and our goal for next season is to win a World Championship for you, our loyal fans.

Once again, I appreciate all you do to support the Braves organization and team. I truly hope you will continue to be part of the great atmosphere and community we all share in Braves Country.


John Schuerholz
Atlanta Braves

Though it seems, at least through the comments on the original post, that Braves fans appreciate the gesture, they also follow that with a longing for action and results. Of course, there is still plenty of time in the offseason to make moves and adjustment, but it seems the Atlanta faithful are feeling impatient to get back to their ways of the 1990s.

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